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Prof. Dr. Dr. Andranik S. Melik-Tangyan

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

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Welcome to the official homepage of "The Third Vote"!

"The Third Vote" is an alternative to the present federal electoral system in Germany, which only is supplemented by implementing a third vote.

This third vote should illustrate the opinion of the electors to specific election topics in order to include a grassroot democratic component into the election. It represents the political opinion of the voter by letting him answer questions to certain political issues and finally goes to that party the voter concurs most.

Due to the fact that the electors decision gets more influenced by the personalities of politicians and the image of the party as by their own political opinion, the third vote represents a method to reduce the electors irrationality.




Bild vom Kick-Off
Kick-Off "The Third Vote"-2018

Das Projekt "The Third Vote" geht in die nächste Runde. Das Team beim Kick-Off 2018.

Preparation for the World Forum for Democracy

We are going to be part of the World Forum for Democracy in Straßbourg on 7th - 9th of November presenting the idea to experts. Click the link below to see our participation at the WFD.

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The Third Vote results for the StuPa elections

Finally the experiment The Third Vote at the StuPa elections is analysed and the results are available. They show one or another suprise. The scientific paper of the experiment accounts 30 pages.


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Shooting for the movie at StuPa elections!

During last weeks StuPa election we had a shooting for the movie that is ought to be shown at the World Forum for Democracy in Straßburg from 7th - 9th of November. Our team was very gladly supported by the KIT Media Team. Thank you to all volunteers, that made this possible.

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The Third Vote at StuPa elections

We are happy to announce that the student parliament at the KIT (StuPa) agreed to an experimental implementation of "The Third Vote" in line with StuPa elections from 04-07-16 to 08-07-16.

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